About-me?? Hahaha

My name is Cantti (I'm a girl). I was raised in a restricted laboratory in 2001 in a small town in Brazil.
At the moment, I'm striving to learn English, and this website will be part of
my studies. I intend to maintain a blog with publications written in
English, so I apologize if some things don't make sense; I'm still at A1 level. I'm studying to become a mobile developer, so you'll find
things related to that here. Furthermore, I get excited about many things: I have a
beautiful garden, love birds, music, letters (I love writing letters), football (how cliché), astrology, tarot,
reading, and cooking. You can follow my projects at: labs or view my photo
album in the gallery. Send me an email; let's become friends! :)
It's me