I'm heartbroken and tried new foods, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 01:29 AM

Hello, world! This week, I decided to create my space on the internet through Neocities and also uninstalled all
social media apps from my phone (except Telegram and WhatsApp because I use them to communicate with my family, friends, and work).
I'm excited about the possibilities that this corner of the internet can
offer me. Back to the old days? I don't know, haha.
I didn't enroll in university this semester because I was short on money!
I'm feeling demotivated with my studies, but tomorrow I'll start studying
actively again like before! The problem is that this month I've been having intense cramps and I'm in excruciating pain, which has never happened to me
before! I don't know what else to do to try to cure these pains!
Well, I took an English test last week and found out that I've progressed to level A2. However, I don't feel confident enough for it!
This February, I tried soy protein and fell in love with the taste!! It's truly wonderful!!! I hope to continue trying new things. Here are some photos of the dishes I cooked! I got excited in the kitchen this month, haha.
As for love? Well, I don't know! The guy I like has distanced himself. Actually, he started to distance himself before last Christmas, but now I don't even know! I plan to visit him during my work vacation in September this year. I'm fantasizing and preparing for that moment! Besides, I'll finally get to know Rio de Janeiro! Oh man, I love this guy! I can't let him leave my life!
He said his father was sick, very sick, and he has to leave his phone with his mom, so he can't be talking to me all the time, but man? I miss him. Before, he used to call me every night to tell me bedtime stories for a whole year, and suddenly he distanced himself. I'm crying as I write this, thinking about calling him! By the way, we talked on the phone last Sunday, for 20 minutes, and he was so sleepy, he ended up falling asleep while talking to me :(
Well, I don't know!
I plan to move to another city next year and leave my parents' house. I'll talk more about it soon!
Anyway, I think the latest update would be that I'm using an acid in my skincare routine. I was a bit hesitant, but I've already started to see some changes. I'll update here soon!!
Kisses and hugs,